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  • Great Barrington Computer Geeks
  • Your Local Computer Service Company


  • Computer repair service 01230

  • 35 Silver Street, Apt. B,
  • Great Barrington, MA 01230
  • Phone: (413) 854-1568 

  • Contact Person: Paul Moulthrop

GBGEEKS.COM  is a small, personalized business that will help  you to solve your computer’s behavioral problems; I am a computer  repair Person located in Great Barrington. we are experienced in things  from configuring your computer systems to trouble shooting all types of computer and network issues.  We will fix, and teach you to fix in the future, email problems, network issues, web browser troubles, server difficulties and operating system  dilemmas.

          We will remove evil viruses when they infect your computer or find the best data recovery options if the virus is has spread too far into your system.  We will recover lost or misplaced files.  Great Barrington Computer Geeks will be happy to install or upgrade all features of your computer, including video cards, motherboards, RAM, printers, scanners, monitors, CD/DVD drives, Ethernet cards, cables, floppy drives and network cards. As well we will transfer data for upgrades.  We will show you step-by-step how to burn CDs and DVDs, email  and print photos, upload files and millions of other fun computer  features.

     In this never ending changes that occure on the internet I am reading all the time to find out what changes are happening in your tech world.








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  1.  kim ostellino said:

    October 24, 2013 @ 1:05 pm

    hi paul, i was given your contact by a friend of mine, mayde wiener. i am having huge computer issues that i cant seem to fix, and she suggested i reach out to you. i run a small, non profit business in the berkshires, and run a blog and facebook page for it, among others, but that has come to a stand still this week, as i have a virus/trojan thing attacking me, and it wont even let me get past my password page. i bought a mcafee antivirus last month, and it seemed to be running well and quicker than it had previously, then all of a sudden, it shut down and when i try to reboot, i have something called antivirus security pro hacking me….it overrides the computer settings, and the mcafee isnt helping….i am very low on funds as i am a single mom, so i am limited in how much i can spend to fix it, if its even worth it(its a windows laptop, @4yrs old) or if i should just try to salvage what i can off of it. do you offer estimates? i would appreciate any help you could give me. thanks, kim

  2.  Mike said:

    July 24, 2014 @ 5:54 pm

    your best course of action is a data backup and a system restore, which would require system disc’s. on a good estimate you’re looking at around 120-150 to be safe.

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