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Great Barrington Computer Repair


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GBGEEKS’s Service Options:

GBgeeks.com  Our computer repair  is located in Great barrington  MA 01230. Each Job I will Give you an aproximate cost of what I believe it will take to resolve your issue. Sometimes the fix is even free!!

Hardware Upgrades

After a couple of years a PC may start to run new applications slowly or you may start to run short of space to store all of your photographs and music. Often a simply upgrade to the main memory, hard disk or graphics card will breath new life into the PC in a cost effective manner without the need for a new PC or without having to re-configure everything.


Unfortunately, a number of key components in PCs can have a relatively short lifespan for example power supplies, hard discs and motherboards. Fortunately, these can often be replaced with new ones in a cost effective manner.

Broadband, Internet, Email and Instant messaging

Are you considering a move to Broadband? We can help you choose your supplier and hardware such as firewall and routers so that it is set up correctly maintaining maximum security and to help you avoid some of the pitfalls.

Installation & Configuration

We can undertake all aspects of installation and configuration, either for new computers or for adding or upgrading applications on an existing PC.

Troubleshooting Health Checks

Has your PC started to run slow or become unstable? This can be a sign of infection with a virus, spyware or other nasty. It could be the sign of an impending hardware failure. We can examine your PC and restore it back to health. In extreme cases the most cost effective solution is to back up your data, wipe the disc completely, re-install everything and restore your data.


We can help look after the security of your PC. By choosing the correct hardware to access the internet, ensuring that it is configured correctly and ensuring that all updates and service packs are applied and by scanning your machine for viruses, spyware and other nasties.

Anti-Virus, Spyware and SPAM

We can help you remove these nasties from your PC. We can offer advice, methods and tools to prevent infection from re-occurring. There are good tools available free of charge for home users in addition to commercial products.

Networking and Wireless

If you have more than one PC in the house we can help you network them. You will then all be able to share files, printers and your internet connection between the machine. The network can either be wired, wireless or a combination of the two. Fortunately today’s network hardware is cheap but there are significant security pitfalls for the unwary.

Office Applications

We are able to offer help, support and advice for Microsoft Office and many other applications.

Remote Access and (VPNs)

Home working? Do you need to access your network at the office? Do you want to be able to access your home PC from the office? We can offer help and advice how to do it correctly and securely.

Backup Solutions

These days the family PC stores many valuable family assets: digital photographs, MP3, documents, spreadsheets, accounts if your PC failed tonight is it all safely backed up? We can offer advice on how to backup your valuable data to prevent catastrophic loss.

Digital Camera / Mobile phone / PDA integration

Modern gadgets are centred around the PC. Would you like help in integrating your gadget with your PC so that, for example, all your contacts are synchronised in one place? We can help you achieve this.

Media PCs

Modern PCs are becoming the centre of home entertainment. Would you like to build a quiet, small media PC which can play your music collection, record television and playback films directly in your lounge? This is the future!

Impartial advice

We are not tied to any manufacturers, suppliers or vendors. We can offer impartial advice. A new PC system can be a sizeable investment for a family. Spend a little time talking to us and we will help you spend your hard earned cash wisely


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